I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and Voice Actor located in New York City. From there I provide designs, illustrations, logo designs, cinematic movie posters and various media-centric products across the United States. Since 2010, my earliest designs can be seen on United States Army Contracting Command (ACC) and the U.S. Air Force Small Business (SAFSB) websites, primarily through motion graphics, while my most recent logo design work can be seen for clients such as Anivation and Mr. GM Studios.


I've collaborated with studios such as Team Dogpit, Seraphim Entertainment, Voiceiyuu, Pixelfade Productions, Cylight Studios, Video Game Boot Camp, Fantasy Soft Entertainment, and Elf Games, as well as on various YouTube channels. My Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree in Media Arts and Animation grants me a unique perspective, combining the understanding of character and story development from from a production standpoint, with extensive commercial and character voiceover training to create and maintain a wide spectrum of believable characters in order to tell any story.
As a voice actor, I've worked primarily in video games, animation, podcasts and audioplays. Whether hunting down the protagonist as the devil Malix of the English Otome game series "Seduce Me," supporting the main character as the "Eagle A.I." GEAR computer system in the game "ACE Academy", comically scrambling for brains in the mobile runner game, "Zombie Hal," or working alongside Aphmau and friends as the "Hero in Disguise" known as "Lo," I've been able to perform a wide scale of personalities in a wide array of stories since 2010.

For podcasts and audio dramas, I've most recently performed several characters for National Lampoon's political satire podcast, "The Final Edition". In the past, I've won the Featured Actor of the Year award for my role as the assassin "Akachi" in the fantasy audio play "Togey: A Tale of Evil" and voiced several characters for sci-fi audio dramas, "Attack on Space" and "Survey Corpse" on YouTube.

Currently, I am the creator of the one shot visual novel styled "Mimiru!” series on YouTube, as lead writer and character designer and editor.  I've also illustrated the "Prince Adventure Shorts", a series of humorist comic strips based on the upcoming animation project "Prince Adventures" by Fantasy Soft Entertainment

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For rates or any other questions contact me at: jamesbrownjrva@gmail.com

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