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"Mimiru!" Has a New Deviant Art Page!

It's here! This is the Official Deviant Art Page for "Mimiru!" ,an upcoming visual production by the 104th Voice Squad! Watch us for updates on story and artwork on your favorite characters! You can also visit !

"Airheart" Aisha Hennessy Character Reveal

The Next Airheart Character Reveal is Here! Meet Aisha Hennessy, the Chief Mate of the Airheart. You might even call her “a drill sergeant with a heart of gold.” Quick-tongued and fiercely devoted to those she holds dear, she’s quite literally had to fight her way from the poverty- and pollution-stricken surface to get to where she is now. And such a great position, of course, requires a great amount of responsibility… Aisha Hennessy will be voiced by Sahar. Check out the video above to see and hear her trailer. The audio was edited by Jonah Scott, the final character design was drawn by Sierra, and the video was edited by James Brown Jr. Tune in next week for a reintroduction of Airheart’s

Seduce Me Otome VN on Steam June 5

After a long wait, it looks like the first VN I ever recorded for (I played the main villian! mwahahaha!) is finally going to be available on Steam! For free too! I'd suggest checking it out when it's available! For a brief synopsis: "Seraphim Entertainment brings you "Seduce Me", a new free-to-play otome game. This game is a PG-16 otome with pursue-able incubi men. What you say and do determines your ending and, essentially, the incubi's future." Read more about it and download it for free when it's out here:

James Brown VO Featured in Video Game Boot Camp's "Xanadu 100" Video Series

Video Game Boot Camp is the leading Live-Streamer and Content Creator for competitive Super Smash Bros, with thier YouTube channel reaching over 100k subscribers, and millions of views worldwide. Their "Smash @ Xanadu" weekly tournaments, which have gone on for over 5 years is extremely popular and showcased some of the best that have ever played in competitive Smash Bros history. On June 2, 2015, They released number 100 to 76 of the greatest moments in Xanadu history, and asked me to do some "Smash Bros. Announcer"-like voiceover for them, which I was glad to do. Check out the video above and stick around next week as they release another 25 moments every week.

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