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New Mimiru Update on DeviantArt!

Hey there! James here! Just letting you guys (and gals) that you can check up on any updates to the "Mimiru" project by going to Team Mimiru's DevianArt page! In fact, do it now! Yeah, like, right now! I just posted an update and it's looking pretty sweet! See you there!

I'm on IMDb! Just Sayin'

Just a quick update on the "World of Me," as I am currently sitting down with ice on my foot (I seemed to have hurt it pretty good yesterday while on the basketball court). It's only showing a couple roles right now, but since I'll be in more than a few visual novel games this year, I figured it was a good idea to be able to update it for a while. To he honest, I've been on IMDb for a while, but I couldn't do anything to it, so I'm trying out a trial membership at the moment. And I'll still be posting updates on any new projects I'm allowed to announce, which for a few of them, I cannot unfortunately. But I will! I just don't know when! Click on the image below to go directly to the IMDb pro

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