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James as Hal, others in "Hungry Hal" Mobile Runner game

Ever heard of Zombie Hal? It's an infinite zombie runner game you can download for free on your mobile device! I got to play this green dude and a few other voices as well! Check it out when you can on your phone, or by clicking here to play!

Super Smash Bros Announcer Demo (For Fun, Not "For Glory")

I couldn't help myself XD As a voice actor who loves Smash Bros, and has had the pleasure of knowing a few Pro Smashers along the way, especially the GimR and Aposl from Video Game Boot Camp, I had fun creating my own version of the Smash Bros Announcer voice, but to make it more unique, I use the names of a few Pro Smash Bros players I have met/ known instead of a character, with music for the character I think they are most known for. For what it's worth, enjoy, especially if you like Smash Bros!

Cast of Mimiru fully revealed!

A new production by James of the 104th Voice Squad, “Mimiru!” is underway! And with the cast now selected it’s time to reveal who they are! Thanks to all who auditioned, it was a struggle to choose, but the result is an amazing pool of talent! Look em up, I dare you! Enjoy the vid, and be on the look out for more in the future!

James Brown plays Captain Dominic in "Auburn Sunset"

I found out I could announce my involvment in the game today, so here it is! It is still in production right now, but you can find out more on this visual novel by visiting thier page on Steam! "Auburn Sunset is third-person visual novel set in the fantasy world of Reflection. Following the events of Demon Hunt, Cisaya is now on a journey to save herself from the Void Mark. With the legend of an ancient Demon Slayer on her mind, she travels to the Island of Talhe in search of the truth behind the demons' curses and a cure for her own fading existence. Accompanying her is the crude, foul-mouthed mercenary, Nike Harbring, a mischievous river otter called Whiskers, and a full cast of residents

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