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Mimiru! OST - "Suntail" on YouTube!

Hello guys! James here with another update as my new production "Mimiru!" gets ready to release its first episode! Here is some music from Mimiru, titled "Suntail" composed by Marcel Czaplinski aka Shurrikane! Enjoy!

James plays multiple characters in upcoming card battle game "Loteria del Adios"

Hey guys! James here! I just wanted to let you all know that I play as the characters El Gallo (The Rooster), La Campana (The Bell), and La Muerte (Death) in the Loteria Del Adios game by Team Dogpit! Lotería del Adiós is a strategy game with turn-based card battles inspired by Lotería--the traditional game of chance from Mexico--and featuring the story of Grandpa Ángel, a tough ex-cop who travels to the big city to watch over his granddaughter, Mayte, and battle ne'er-do-wells to snuff out crime Stay tuned for the demo coming soon! -James Brown

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