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Visit my Twitch stream on Mondays for original character design art with the chat!

Hello guys! Another quick announcement for you all! I know that a lot of you people that follow me are super creative in your own right, so one of the things I like to do is that we show our ideas on my Art discord and celebrate our collective creativity! Another fun way is that we now reserve our Monday Twitch streams to creative and original character creations! Come join us at 7PM EST every Monday and bring your lovely character designs to show us in the Discord! If you do, you might be the lucky one who's design gets drawn by me live on stream! Cool huh? While I draw, I take questions from the chat, and some members even draw with me and share their progress in the Discord! It's a super

Watch my BangZoom audition at ACEN 2018!

Well lovelies, It's been a few weekd since I flew over to Rosemont, Illinois thanks to you all, and enjoyed the weekend at ACEN 2018! Most importantly, it was because of YOU and your donations that I was able to travel there at all and participate in BangZoom's open auditions! It was a fun fascinating experience, as I got to not only show what I've got in front of Mami Okada and the crowd, but I got to cheer on my friends too. So once again, thank you all for your support, I mean it! If you haven't already, make sure to visit my Instagram, as I made sure to record as much about the trip as I could while there for you all (battery power was getting bodied everyday I walked into the convention

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