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Check out my new Commercial Demo!

My commercial demo is up and ready to go! Quick shout out to Sam Haft (@samhaft on Twitter) for producing it for me! You can listen to it on my website or on my Youtube channel, so check it out!

James Rejoins Aphmau's MyStreet as the Voice of Daniel

Hello buds! It's been out for a few weeks now, but if you haven't seen it yet, and especially if you are fans of Aphmau's YouTube channel and her Minecraft animations, check out the new episodes of My Street: When Angels Fall Episode 6, where I return to the cast as new voice of Daniel! I want to thank Jess and the crew at Blujay Studios as well as Shining Star Casting for the opportunity to continue bringing this sweet character to life! Feel free to check out the link below so you can watch the new episodes!

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